Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cleaning the Inside of an Oven Door - PROVEN

I am so excited about this one, people!

I have been searching for an easy way to clean inside the glass of my oven door.  There is a double pane and things, nasty, terrible things get trapped there and I needed to get them out.....especially because we have an Open House this weekend!

Beth was here today watching Maddy and I roped her into helping me with this project.

We found this pin on how to clean inside, between the glass and got moving! 

This is my oven all my other 'before' photos, please don't judge!

First we tried it with a wire hanger, because I thought that was a better idea than the stick the pin it was raining.  Also, I didn't have any duct tape handy so I used scotch tape and it worked perfectly (the tape, not the hanger)

Unfortunately, that idea was a bust, I should have put trust in the pin.  The wire hanger was too thin and I couldn't create enough friction with it to clean the inside of the glass, so we went in search of the perfect stick.

I am so happy I did this.  Who thinks about how to clean the inside glass of the oven door?  This girl...she does! And she did it!

Do this one, it is amazing and I couldn't be happier with the results.

(I also cleaned the rust stains from inside our dishwasher but that's a separate issue...I just want you to know I have been busy today! Haha)


  1. I can't even remember right now if mine is dirty in there. It's only about two years old, but maybe...
    I am dying to try this, though. did you save that "perfect" stick?

  2. No, I didn't but we found several that would have worked, so I am sure I could find another one! You should definitely try it!

  3. Washing them just spread around more ash and made them look worse. Trying to sand them just tore the rock apart and one would only be able to clean small sections at a time. The oven doors were commonly very difficult to clean as well.

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    1. What are you referring to when you say "spread around ash" and "trying to sand them?"

  4. Love your concept of pin buster! I wanted to creat a blog like that myself. Now if there were more blogs w/o adds. Takes so LONG for stuff to load...